Thursday, May 24, 2012

More Death by Old Cashew Nut!

Vagina: Don't let crazy right wingers mess with women and girls

Anthrax: My nice fan mail from Ann Thrax! White powder that taste like mushrooms. How sweet!

Cheetos are messing up your life! GMO's, bad oils, too much salt. Tell Frito-Lay to give us something better!

Toxic killer robot bugs from outer space

Pug dogs to avoid, barking, eating their raw meat, scratching, clawing me with their razor sharp claws

Secret spy pug dog CIA Asset. (could be also working for MI6)

Makes loads of money! Earn real money from twigs, I'll show you how!

How my brother, Garibaldi, got a live steam burn in his pecker!

Happy black pug female at the groomer

A short tour of my huge art collection. Includes: paintings, mosaics, castles, toys, huge sculpture, and more.

Famous castle and dollhouse collection. Museum quality, investment grade art. By artist: Farrell Hamann, California's leading emerging artist and sculptor. 

A public service message: Trump Hotels burn your toast and The Donald's hair looks like ass

Boycott Dixie Cup!
I won't buy a subway sandwich at Subway because they use the Koch brother's Dixie Cups

A Rat Burger from the Golden Arches

Celtic Cross

Artist/Writer Farrell Hamann wearing Bitey the Cat hard hat. Giant, glowing sphere sculpture in background

Purging sin from Devil Cat

Church of the Blue Moon/Moonbeams on your Naked Booty

 This may help if you just must watch Fox News or listen to idiot Rush Limbaugh
Anti Diarrhea caplets

Secret photo of Justin Bieber. From his new album, "I'm a Twink"

Sneaky Harvard men feed these pink marshmallow twists to Yale boys because it totally destroys what little natural sex drive the Yale boys have. Ask George W. Bush who "blew out his candle" Hahahawasilla!  Formulated in a back room at MIT.  Al Gore was smart and wouldn't eat one.
Sneaky Harvard muži krmit tyto růžové marshmallow zvraty na Yale chlapců, protože úplně zničí to málo, co přirozené sexuální touha Yale kluci. Zeptejte se George W. Bush, který "vyfoukl jeho svíčka" Hahahawasilla! Formulována v zadní místnosti na MIT. Sneaky Harvard Männer füttern diese rosa Marshmallow Wendungen Yale-Jungs, weil sie völlig zerstört, was wenig natürlichen Sexualtrieb der Yale-Jungs haben. Fragen Sie George W. Bush, die "blies die Kerze" Hahahawasilla! Formuliert in einem Hinterzimmer am MIT. Al Gore war klug und wollte nicht essen ein.Al Gore byl chytrý a nechtěl jíst jeden.
 Трусливый Гарварда кормить этих розовый зефир повороты в Йельский мальчиков, потому что полностью разрушает то, что мало естественного полового влечения Йельского мальчиков. Спросите Джорджа Буша, который «задул свечу" Hahahawasilla! Сформулированные в задней комнате в Массачусетском технологическом институте. Альберт Гор был умен и не ел один.
それは完全にエール男の子が持っているなけなしの自然なセックスドライブ破棄されるので卑劣なハーバード大学の男性がイェール大学の男の子に、これらのピンクのマシュマロツイストを養う Hahahawasilla"彼のろうそくを吹き消した"誰がジョージ·W·ブッシュに聞こう! MITの奥の部屋に策定しました。アル·ゴアは、スマートだったものを食べませんでした。

Want to get into an Ivy League school? Harvard or Columbia perhaps? I can help!

 Death by Old Cashew Nut. These Cashews are over 2 years old. All disclaimers ever written apply. Смерть старого ореха кешью!

ZZYZX, California 

 I think Donald Trump uses this shit in his hair (which looks like ass)

California Bird Dude. (spy bird for the CIA, KGB, and MI6

 now open! Call: 916-641-7696

Above: Photograph of Rush Limbaugh's actual penis (dick) Sad, is it not?

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